History of the AGROFERT group has been started more than 28 years ago. The company was founded in 1993 by Ing. Andrej Babis with only 4 employees, who focused company´s business on fertilizers trading. Since that time, AGROFERT has grown to a group with more than 250 subsidiaries of several lines: chemical industry, agriculture, food processing, forestry and timbering, ground-technologies, technology and transportation, renewable energy sources and media as well. With a growing number of companies of AGROFERT group we have become one of the largest private employers in the Czech Republic. Every day, our success is created by nearly 33,000 employees who work together in 18 countries on 4 continents around the globe.
Although we are now a multinational company, we are still mainly Czech company. In the Czech Republic we pay taxes, we reinvest our profits mainly in regions of the Czech Republic, we are an employer for thousands of skilled employees and we strive to be good partner for dozens of Czech schools, for municipalities, for NGO sector and also for local communities. All our activities are in strong connection to regions where we operate. And in many of those regions our companies are among the largest and most significant ones. That´s why our strategy is also to look to the future. We want the Czech Republic and its residents prosper in the long term. We believe that investment in greening operations, in better technology, in education and in the nonprofit sector should help reaching this goal. We encourage all who believe in their own success and who are not afraid to be proactive.

Did you know that ...
... AGROFERT is the largest subject of Czech and Slovak agriculture and foodprocessing?
... employees of the AGROFERT group committed to uphold the Code of Ethics and may use phone line Tell Us for reporting unethical behavior?
... some of our companies have a long history? In AGROFERT group you can find companies set up in 19th century as well as very young ones. All group members are linked together by innovative projects for better life in the 21st century.